Бизнес-образование в России
Бизнес-образование в России


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Старт в России. Международная программа MBA в сфере предметов роскоши и индустрии моды

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Международный стандарт МВА. Российский и американский MBA через интернет. 2 года. Поддержка продвижения карьеры и бизнеса слушателей. Зарегистрировавшимся с сайта curator.ru скидка 10% на всю стоимость обучения.

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Мастер класс в Москве 21 июля Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School

21 июля в 20.00 состоится мастер класс директора программы Executive MBA Prof. Dominique Heau


Business success in today's world is becoming increasingly harder to achieve; competition is intensifying and customers, surfing the web, play one supplier against another. Delivering superior customer value is therefore easier said than done. Globalisation is certainly a major source of opportunities, as it opens new markets and provides access to cheaper suppliers. But customer needs often vary from one country to another, so a strong local presence is also required. Being global and local at the same time is a true challenge! As the recent financial crisis illustrates, the business landscape is impacted by many unforeseen events. Firms must rapidly react, adapt their business models, and learn new rules of the game: they must combine short-term opportunism and long-term survival. So, is schizophrenia unavoidable? Can managers develop new skills to navigate in such uncharted waters? And what role, if any, does leadership play?

Место проведения: Москва, ул. Лесная 5 "Б", м. Белорусская, офис компании DELOITTE.

В рамках мастер класса будут также представлены программы обучения школыVlerick.


Телефон: +7 (921) 938 99 23 или Email:anastasia.korshunova@vlerick.ru

Résumé of the speaker:

Dominique HEAU is a Professor of Strategic Management; He received his Doctorate from Harvard and joined INSEAD thereafter, active in their Fontainebleau and Singapore campuses. Besides teaching MBA students and executives, he has conducted research in Corporate Strategy and in multinational organizations. He is the author of numerous articles and award-wining case studies. Director of the Advanced Management Programme for over 12 years, Prof. Heau then became Dean of Executive Education at INSEAD. He founded the INSEAD Executive MBA in 2003 and the TIEMBA programme with Tsinghua University. In parallel to his academic life, he has consulted many multinational teams. Prof. Heau has been a Visiting Professor at Wharton (USA), FDC (Brazil) and UCT (South-Africa); He is currently associated with Vlerick and Director of their forthcoming International EMBA programme in Moscow.